Sunshine Butterflies

About This Project

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Sunshine Butterflies is a not- for-profit organisation and registered charity that strives to improve all areas in the lives of people with disabilities by providing families with parent support, information and individual assistance, swim, social and recreational opportunities, early intervention programs, post school recreational programs, respite and personal fundraising plans.

Sunshine Butterflies was founded by Leanne Walsh, whose son Curtis has cerebral palsy. Together as a family, Leanne, husband Damien and Curtis have faced the challenges that individuals and families face day to day. These challenges have ultimately given Leanne the Sunshine Butterflies vision – to empower families and individuals living with disability and to provide them with the support they need to achieve a happy and fulfilled life. 

Sunshine Butterflies has a one stop shop approach and doesn’t rely heavily on government funding, but instead creates it’s own business initiatives that are owned and operated by Sunshine Butterflies. These services include ‘Allability Training’, which provides first aid training and ‘Sunshine Gardens’, which provides landscaping and garden care. Both companies service the entire Sunshine Coast community.

Those who use our service are families, individuals, carers, service providers, NGO’s, medical personnel, schools and community groups, all for different reasons.

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