About This Project

Where do my shopfunding points go?
1000 points can give a woman the opportunity to join a workshop for a day learning skills to create a better life in Australia. 

About sisterworks

SisterWorks Inc. evolved from a group founded by Luz Restrepo, a political refugee from Colombia. Luz arrived in Australia in 2010 with her life in tatters and spoke no English. “I felt like a nobody; frightened, isolated and disempowered.”

She soon discovered that she was not alone. Along with a group of women experiencing similar challenges, she began to make and sell crafts around Melbourne. They understood that to support each other is also to strengthen each other.

SisterWorks Inc. was born in May 2013 with the goal is to encourage women to tap into their underlying business and entrepreneurial abilities to find self-sufficiency. We believe that together women are stronger and together women can create opportunities for personal and economic growth.

Today they comprise 80 Sisters from 26 countries – 50 percent refugee background, 25 percent women who are seeking asylum and 25 percent migrants with non-English speaking backgrounds.

Who they work with?

We target the women from asylum seeker, refugee and migrant backgounds who live in Melbourne struggling with speaking English, social isolation, education gaps and lack of digital skills.


What they do?

Sisterworks empowers the women they work with to be self sufficient by learning skills to develop and grow and create their own micro businesses. Sisterworks items are sold at local markets and other events around Melbourne.

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