Stella McCartney: Sustainable Fashion Hero in Review


Stella McCartney: Sustainable Fashion Hero in Review

Stella McCartney most notable for being the daughter of famed Beatles singer Paul McCartney but most recently has carved out her own name into the limelight for her sustainable fashion enterprise.

You could say Stella’s commitment to ethical and sustainable fashion by vowing not to use animal based products started from her mother Linda who was an animal activist or from her start to life as a vegetarian by choice. Her commitment to animal rights has been equally favoured by her love of fashion, Stella was lucky enough to intern for famed design Christian Lacroix as a teenager and launching her own fashion line Stella in 1995.

She has since collaborated with Adidas, Disney and H&M and has won a host of accolades. She is most renowned for using her values system towards building and growing her fashion empire.

In a recent interview conducted by Business of Fashion; her influence throughout her company and it’s culture is clear:

“Humanity is consuming the resources of five planets, but we only have one,” says Claire Bergkamp, head of sustainability at Stella McCartney who joined the company in 2012 after studying sustainable fashion and upcycling at the London College of Fashion. “All we’re trying to do is to stay within the one, which is the right thing to do if you want to build a business for the long term. But it is built into our entire company, across all our departments, across everything.”

Stella’s sustainability commitments featured on her website:

stella-mccartney-sustainability-commitments-1Read more about Stella and her sustainable fashion focus via the article at:

Image via: Walterlan Papetti via Creative Commons license

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